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Series: This Week In Media

A ̶w̶e̶e̶k̶l̶y̶ ̶ somewhat regular round-up of stories, trends, and perspectives on what's new in media.

This Week In Media (TWIM) is a somewhat regular series—full of the false starts and long pauses that characterize any good side project—wherein I explore interesting trends in media.

Admittedly, the primary purpose of the series is selfish—I find it immensely helpful to synthesize my thoughts and ideas by writing.

Alas, I have learned through painful experience that my colleagues aren't in the Jeff Bezos camp of preferring detailed memos over PowerPoint presentations. 😀

So the genesis of many of my 5-slide presentations to my team are often 10+ page briefs wherein I explore an idea or strategy at length before eventually simplifying.

So these dispatches are simply a happy byproduct of that work of synthesizing. I first started sharing them with colleagues who work in media and many of them seemed to find value in the aggregation and analysis so I started sharing them first as emails and now as short articles here on this site.

The usual format is a round-up of stories from the past week: a mix of stories about innovations or changes in media or really exceptional pieces of content I think deserve a spotlight.

On occasion, TWIM will feature a longer-form piece from me about some aspect of media that I have been noodling about for the past while in form of a short essay.

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